Dragon Tree Home Learners meets weekly for play and conversation. Our primary goal, as a group, is to provide plenty of freedom for our children to have time to develop their own games, make complex creations, explore new relationships, and develop close friendships. We believe strongly in the value of free play and we try not to schedule many activities for the children on park days so that they can have long uninterrupted hours . Planned activities are sometimes provided, often at the urging of the children, but they are always offered with the understanding that there will be no pressure on anyone to participate. Some of the activities have been: candlemaking, papermaking, bubble shapes, origami, swing dancing, woodworking, electronics, and jewelry making.

Although the group itself does not often provide planned activities, it offers networking opportunities for people who want to offer an activity or collaborate with others in some way. A number of our members participate in karate classes for homeschoolers, for example. We also have a group of kids in "Destination Imagination" teams who have competed in a regional and state tournaments together.