In the largest sense, we are a group of parents and children drawn together by our decision to not participate in public schooling. We were founded as an unschooling support group, although all types of homeschoolers are welcome. Understand though, that we will not be spending any time talking about the best way to "make" your child learn a particular lesson or skill. Rather we choose to spend our time discussing what we consider to be the best of real life, that is, the learning that happens (for all of us) when it is meaningful and relevant to a particular individual. None of us will be shocked or dismayed if your child watches television or plays video games- indeed, many of us embrace these technologies as part of a rich life. Television, computers, and video games go hand-in-hand with books, magazines, lectures, films and camping - all to be used and enjoyed


We value our inclusiveness and diversity - our families span the spectrum of homeschooling styles, family structures, religions, political leanings, and everything else. Children range in ages from brand-new infants to teens. Anyone who is willing to support the goals of our group is welcome.